Our story

Once upon a time…

We have long been looking for a project that would combine everything we like: meeting people, travelling, photographing, IT, electronics.

In January 2015, the idea came up one day at work: to renovate an old caravan, take it out and meet people in order to snap as much smiles as possible and share them.

The hunt to THE ideal caravan immediately began on the internet. All the advertisements from Belgium, France and Holland were dissected. Two weeks later, we finally found what we need. The future Camervan was only a few kilometres away from home!

Four working months were necessary to renovate and equip the caravan as we imagined it. Since June 2015, we have begun to travel the country to join different events.

The road to happiness!

We are different!

Because we take pleasure in living out this project. Our pleasure also comes from the possibility to adapt the Cameravan to YOUR events: decoration, accessory, function, etc.

Samuel is a photographer, so he has the necessary skills to make sure that the pictures created in the Camervan are aesthetic.